Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week 49!

Well this week was Kind of crazy.... we were in again like all week but Monday evening we got to go down to Irmo for a wonderful birthday dinner at Texas road house and i went shopping at the mall there and got me a really cute birthday outfit :) it was super tiring but great :) Then Tuesday i got a gift of really cute makeup from my ward mission leader and his wife and we had dinner and German chocolate cupcakes for my birthday at our investigators house :) I also got to cut Sister Johnson's hair again, a little shorter than last time because her hair grows like there is miracle grow in there!!! and then we got a surprise visit from our mission president on Saturday as well..... and that was.... interesting to say the least. i guess our Bishop has been mad at us and just bottled a bunch in, told the stake president and then the mission president who addressed his list of "lengthy concerns" with us, which were all FALSE accusations and we had to clear up.... i was so upset Sunday. i wanted to walk right up to him and say "Thou shalt not bear false witness is a commandment!!!!!" but i didn't.... because i am a representative of Jesus Christ.... and as so.... we are persecuted.... but anyways, we got it all figured out with the ward mission leader and with the relief society president and the mission president is explaining things to the stake president on our behalf.... so things should be ok now. But yeah.... it was dumb. But i got a couple really awesome birthday presents  from people this week as well. :) i got a wonderful new olive wood quill pen from Jeff, some lotion, bubble back, money and a cardigan/vest from my Dad and barb, and some adorable dresses, candy and money from grandma and grandpa Christian along with some really great cards and money from grandma and grandpa Murray. :) All in all, i am spoiled :) And i love my wonderful friends and family. Its been a crazy week..... but pretty good for the most part. Hope you enjoyed the first email home from the 20 yr old Sister Dominique Montoya! Love ya'll!....

Sister Dominique Sage Montoya

Second attempt at Snow White... with an apple :)

We are so disobedient... candles and a lighter!

German Chocolate cupcakes in PJ's!

Me squishing Sister Johnson

Our companionship in a nutshell!

This is what I did when she said to look serious.... haha

New Haircut!

Me sick and pale in the middle of the night...

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