Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Week 50!

Hello Familia and Friends...ilia.... haha
 This week sped by. I don't think I have too many exciting stories to share. My health is getting worse, and we are both frustrated with the chain of command in which we have to navigate to get anything done of scheduled, but other than that everything is just fine and dandy.... We have some exchanges set up, so at least Sister Johnson will be able to get to work and see the pore people of Newberry that we have been neglecting during my illness. But Yeah, so not so much happened this week.... The women's broadcast was amazing! If you have not watched it, definitely do so because it was sooo amazing and I definitely received so much revelation and answers to my prayers. :)
Please enjoy these pictures and know that I am happy and doing well despite the problems and challenges, I guess I can take it as a compliment though because it just means that the Lord feels I am ready to grow some more :) . I love being a missionary! Even if its a mostly apartment bound! Please keep us in your prayers... You are definitely in mine :)
Love yall! 
Sister Dominique Sage Montoya

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