Sunday, March 30, 2014

Week 23!

March 24, 2014:

Well this week has been ok except the fact that I had Kidney Stones all week and we had to stay inside the majority of the week!!!! That stunk..... But we had a great St. Patricks Day and went shopping with the Gaffney Sisters and to Lunch at Applebees!..... and we all wore green of course! :)  Then we had a great DDM and then got to see the Yang girls that evening, Michelle and Kaitlin! We gave them Journals and helped them tape in pictures of the temple for our lesson on Family History and Temples and we taught them "I love to see the temple" and wrote the words in their journals as well. They are so cute. But Yeah thats pretty much all that happened... the rest of the week we have been staying home and we have been packing because we are moving from our Duplex to a Trailer a little ways down our road to make room for a Senior Couple that is coming into the area. And we also got to go to lunch with a wonderful less active at a place called Cooley Springs Cafe and I got some yummy goodies and Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream there! Oh! and we got some Boston Butt a few days ago!!! Soooo good!!! Its Pig shoulder and it tastes like really smoky pulled pork but not as saucy. yummm :) Was a pretty Good week except for the 5-day long Kidney Stones!!! Hope y'all have a great week!
Love, Sister Montoya

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Week 22!

Hello Everyone! How are you doing?? I am well :) 
This week we have been working with a wonderful less Active, Grace. PLEASE pray for her to have her heart softened to come back to church! :) We also had Elder Zwick of the 70 come and speak to us :) he's speaking in General Conference Next month so keep an eye out for him hes awesome!!!!!! :) Sister Zwick did a Preach My Gospel chase where we had to look up parts of PMG and/or know where they are and Sister Wheelock and I both won candy!!! woot! Go for the best companionship ever!!! :) My favorite parts was where he said "Finishing your mission often requires daily or even hourly supplication for help" BECAUSE THAT IS SO TRUE!!! its a wonderful fact of a mission though :) and also that he said, talking about Joseph Smith "I have aligneed his great strengths with yours. You have brought a smile to the face of Joseph Smith Jr. like no other missionaries have." and he said he has never said that to any other group of missionaries before. it was so wonderful!! I also got to sing for what i think is the last time in the Cowpens Branch. I love it here but I am pretty sure I am going to be leaving this transfer. But on top of that we are Moving Homes as well because we are getting a SENIOR COUPLE!!!!!!! Yay... :)  Well i love you all!! GOSPEL IS TRUE!!!! :) 

Love, Sister Dominique Sage Montoya

Week 21!

So this week has been crazy!!! Monday was FREEZING!!!! and it rained like 4 days in a row and was sooooooo cold and then we got dropped by a bunch of people :P darn.... i fear we wont make our goal of even 1 baptism this month....BUT the Lord works miracles!!!! So i have faith he will pull through!!! We did have an awesome Relief Society activity for the Birthday of the Relief Society adn we had a funny experience that some people were arguing with us telling us that The Book of Mormon  IS the Bible except it says Noah and The Flood happened 5000 years later than it says in the bible and it happened in Utah....... hahaha riiiiiiiiiiight..... anyways but that was great. But i would appreciate your prayers everyone.... i have been feeling really ill lately and have been struggling to work because of the migraines, dizziness and tiredness and i really want to work my hardest so please pray i will get better.... Also this summer is supposed to be the hottest South Carolina has ever seen!!!! AAAAAAAAAAh any ideas anyone??????? And we are getting a senior couple in our area :) YAY!!!!! :) Love ya!!!!!

~Sister Dominique Montoya

Week 20!

Well this week has been good We got in contact with CJ a less active and his mom Melody. Justin has Been MIA since he got a Girlfriend but we have a plan of action to get him back focused on the gospel!!! :) I got  an awesome Valentines Package from my grandparents this week! with yummy apples and treats and some more undershirts (YAY!) We also got to be judges for the Cowpens/Gaffnety Chili and Corn bread contest! that was so fun but after some of that chili i swear my tounge was about to fall off it was so hot!!!! Sunday was great we had a wonderful testimony meeting and then had Hawaiian haystacks at the Blantons :) It was a great week!!! :) Hope all of you are doing well. Happy March!!!! I am officaially 5 months on my mission!!!! :) woot!

-Sister Montoya