Monday, September 1, 2014

Week 45!

Hello Friends and Family!

So this week felt like it went on forever! We didn't do too much this week because we were STILL inside sick but some GREAT things are happening here :) So first, Tuesday we had an exchange and I rested and listened to talks and talked to Sister Anderson about how we can make the Zone and Mission better and closer and then Wednesday we went to the TEMPLE!!!! it was for a returning Less Active, Sister Bias :) it was so amazing and we got to go to lunch with them all after. Note to anyone and everyone with crutches.... endowment sessions using crutches are VERY DIFFICULT.... attempt at your own risk and only if you have incredible balance! :) Then we got to see the Turners, had dinner with them and watched Elder Oaks talk with them on the Priesthood. It was pretty great :) then Thursday we saw Byron and he picked THIS SATURDAY to get baptized!!!!!! So I will have my very first baptism in just a couple days. He is so SOLID too :) He is already making plans to go through the temple after he is baptized and promised to be at my temple marriage whenever that happens haha.... then we were in most of the rest of the week and are planning his baptism. :) I am feeling a lot better though so I think that we will be able to FINALLY go out for these next to weeks and just rock the world and take it by storm!!! :) But its been a great week!!! I'm excited to tell all of ya'll about the baptism next week!!! :)

(Sorry I left my camera at home... no pics this week)

~Love Dominique

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