Sunday, August 24, 2014

Week 44!

Well this week was kind of lame.....we were in sick this whole week and I broke my toe walking in the kitchen and I ran into a filing cabinet. But I've been throwing up like all week and we got pulled over and given a ticket for something reeeeeeeeally stupid. Because I wasn't wearing my seat belt strap that goes across your chest where it was supposed to be, I had it behind my back. But its ok I guess because Heavenly Father must trust me an awful lot to know that I would share the gospel with him and give him a card even in spite of the fact that he had to prompt him to pull me over in order for him to receive it :) 
It's been nice though because Sister Johnson and I are having a really nice time getting to know one another being inside for so long. ...

But, our investigator Byron is getting baptized. :-) We made it to one appointment last week, and when we got there, he sat us down, and told us that he has been praying about it, and that he is finally ready to make the commitment to get baptized!I am so excited! We started teaching him as a referral right when i got to Newberry and now he is finally here!!! This will be my first baptism too!! I am soooo happy!!! :) It makes all of Satans stupid efforts to keep us inside worth is :) he has been living all the commandments and doing family history and just... didnt want to say goodbye to his old church. But something changed and now he is telling his old church that he is getting baptized and is going to do it within the next two weeks!! :) 
Miracles! The Lord has much in store for us. 
But, that was pretty much all we were able to do this week, since we are 3 flights up and it is really difficult to get up and down the stairs on crutches, BUT I am getting wicked strong arms, one leg and abs! so i will be ripped for the rest of my life!! haha :) But  I am still not getting sleep cuz I am throwing up all night.... so please pray for me! and PRAY FOR BYRON so that he can make it to baptism and actually choose a date :) 
But I love ya'll!!!! I hope you have a great week!!! :) 
Love, Sister Dominique Sage Montoya

We played Snow White while I was pale and sick :)

Week 43!

August 11th, 2014

Well, this week has been kind of slow and kind of interesting and kind of bi-polar!
We had tons of fun Monday and had a regular P-day and then started down to Charleston and stopped in Columbia at the Riverbanks Zoo for a couple hours and got funnel cake and dippin' dots and rode the carousel and saw lots of animals. :) Then we drove down to Charleston, ate at Taco Bell and went to the James Island Sister's apartment and spent the night then got up reeeeeeally early and drove down to Charleston (in town) and got labs down then went to the Charleston aquarium and went to lunch with a member from Sister Johnson's old area, Sister Midgett at a really nice restaurant called California Dreamin'. That was great, then we rushed back into town just to find no parking and had to pay for a parking garage and then got in to find they hadn't ran my insurance so i got my MRI almost an hour late and then the phlebotomoist completely  ruined my arm by stabbing the needle in and out of one spot for about 30 seconds and then without finding the vain, shot my arm up with saline!!!! wow... but i think the MRI went well and i got to listen to Hilary Weeks the whole time :) Then we went to the Charleston Market which used to be the old slave market way back when and i got this really cool ring made out of a 1903 spoon. :) Then we drove past rainbow Row and went and walked around waterfront park which used to be a Gallows that they used to ward off pirates (they say its haunted :)) and drove home, and ate at Ihop on the way. We ended up getting home at 11!!! crazy couple of days that felt like a week! :) then we stayed in Wednesday, doctors orders from the nurse to recover from the stress and then I got sick again Thursday... needless to say we didn't get much done this week yikes! And then on Wednesday night Sister Johnson asked me to take a wack at cutting her hair. So I did and it actually turned out really cute! (Don't be alarmed at how short it is, she said she wanted it boyishly short). But it was a good week that I got to know Sister Johnson a lot better which was fun :) So yeah :) That was my week! Love you!

~Sister Dominique Sage Montoya

Week 42!

August 4th, 2014

This week was really great! we had a great Monday and then had exchanges on Tuesday with the Sister Training Leaders here in Newberry. it was great and we ended up getting a full 20 lessons this week even in spite of Sister Johnson getting sick Saturday!... We had a great meeting on Friday as well and it was really cool because the Zone Leaders anonymously talked about Sister Johnson and I. They were talking about how we can get our zone more in unity and saying that how we can take care of "the one" is through companions and said that there was actually a companionship who just serve each other and who are the happiest they've been on their mission and its because of that service! The Sister training Leaders came to us later and told us that it was indeed us :) We have really had a great week and i am excited because today we are going to the Columbia Zoo and then heading down to Charleston and are spending the Night at the James Island Sisters home and then getting my medical stuff done and in between appointments we are going to have fun in Charleston :) it'll be so great! Well I love you all!! keep me in your prayers please that all will go well with my MRI and that I will get healing up from my surgery soon :) I love you! 

Love, Sister Dominique Sage Montoya :)

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Week 41!

July 28, 2014

So this week was pretty slow. i got sick AGAIN, but this time it at least wasnt a week long it was just a couple days. But during that time, my companion and i got really close and she made me this really sweet mission statement of how i should feel about myself. It was really cool though because she had a dream about making it about 2 months before she even came on her mission! she weird right? i think we are going to be great friends for a long time after our missions :)  Well after i was sick we got to go to Whitmire which is a part of my area that missionaries havent been to in a year! And we met this sweet lady who is a Less Active and she said she was thinking about the missionaries and praying we would come see her It was a miracle that we even got to her house though because she moved and no one knew where she was so we asked around by her house and her neighbor told us where she moved to! it was great :) it was a true miracle and one guy we talked to was really cool. i told the gospel had changed my life and he said "Oh I know, i can tell" It was really amazing. I also got to make a cake for one of our elders Birthdays. there are little fish that are sprinkles on the cake so it makes it a really cool "deep sea" looking cake haha.... it was fun to make and everyone deserves a cake on their birthday so yeah. but I had a great week. Hope you all have had a wonderful JULY!!!! love you!!!

~Sister Dominique Sage Montoya