Sunday, August 24, 2014

Week 44!

Well this week was kind of lame.....we were in sick this whole week and I broke my toe walking in the kitchen and I ran into a filing cabinet. But I've been throwing up like all week and we got pulled over and given a ticket for something reeeeeeeeally stupid. Because I wasn't wearing my seat belt strap that goes across your chest where it was supposed to be, I had it behind my back. But its ok I guess because Heavenly Father must trust me an awful lot to know that I would share the gospel with him and give him a card even in spite of the fact that he had to prompt him to pull me over in order for him to receive it :) 
It's been nice though because Sister Johnson and I are having a really nice time getting to know one another being inside for so long. ...

But, our investigator Byron is getting baptized. :-) We made it to one appointment last week, and when we got there, he sat us down, and told us that he has been praying about it, and that he is finally ready to make the commitment to get baptized!I am so excited! We started teaching him as a referral right when i got to Newberry and now he is finally here!!! This will be my first baptism too!! I am soooo happy!!! :) It makes all of Satans stupid efforts to keep us inside worth is :) he has been living all the commandments and doing family history and just... didnt want to say goodbye to his old church. But something changed and now he is telling his old church that he is getting baptized and is going to do it within the next two weeks!! :) 
Miracles! The Lord has much in store for us. 
But, that was pretty much all we were able to do this week, since we are 3 flights up and it is really difficult to get up and down the stairs on crutches, BUT I am getting wicked strong arms, one leg and abs! so i will be ripped for the rest of my life!! haha :) But  I am still not getting sleep cuz I am throwing up all night.... so please pray for me! and PRAY FOR BYRON so that he can make it to baptism and actually choose a date :) 
But I love ya'll!!!! I hope you have a great week!!! :) 
Love, Sister Dominique Sage Montoya

We played Snow White while I was pale and sick :)

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