Thursday, January 9, 2014

Week 12!

12 weeks are up and i am noooooow not a trainee!!!!! I am so excited for this!!! I get a new companion on wednesday, still staying here in Cowpens though but I feel bad for her because she is coming here to -5 degree weather and biting winds haha... but its fun :) I love my area!!!! PLEASE keep praying for justing too everyone!!! We have made such big progress with him the last two weeks and I know that a lot of it is your prayers :) SO i finally got a Boot that i can wear so i am not on crutches anymore!!!! I feel so spoiled that i get to wear it and actually walk haha... its so awesome :) We had a great New Years Eve and came in at 8pm and got to study and have some extra time to go to bed early :) We also had so many miracles.... With Justin, we were teaching him on friday and we have been struggling so hard with him because he cant really feel anything (love, hate, happiness etc..) and so we have had a hard time helping him feel the spirit. And finally we decided to teach him about the spirit and he opening up and said that he was hearing voices that would answer his prayers and asked if he was crazy and after asking him a lot of questions and understaning more we know that he was having basically a nephi moment!!!! it was so amaizing and it only started to happen this last week after 2 things, 1: that he committed to live the word of wisdom and 2: that I asked alll of you to pray for him and we asked members to pray for him!!! it was such a wonderful miracle!!! :) Also, anothe miracle that happened was that a Part-member family the Moody-Clobes family, had a miracle. the father, Richard has been very closed off to religion at all for the whole 6 months missionaraies have been seeing them and he is finally opening up a little and being nicer and inviting us in and this week a member (Brother Ronson) went over and saw Richard, hair fumbled, and looking warn tearing apart their van in search of something and when he asked him what he was looking for Richard said it was the diamond ring he bought for his wife that she had lost 3 days before and they couldn't find. so all Brother Ronson said was "I pray you will find it" and Richard leaned down. and touched a piece of the siding on the floor and the ring popped out!!! Richard has been talking about that experience all week and now has accepted to read out of the book of mormon and is encouraging his kids to listen to the message we share. Also, at zone training when all of us reported our month we all had 0 on date and 0 baptisms.... and that night because of the training that pumped us up, every companionship in the zone got someone on date!!!! :)

Well sorry for the Long letter but I love you all!!!!
~Sister Dominique Sage Montoya

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