Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Week 14!

Well Hello Everyone!!! :) This has been a good and exciting week!!!! :) Terry Wyatt is doing good and we have full confidence that she will enter the waters of Baptism by Febuary 1st!!!!!! :) I am so excited for her!!! Please pray for her to be able to quit smoking and to make it to baptism!!!! :) also we had specialized training this week and STILL NO IPADS!!!! I AM IN SUCH SUSPENSE!!!!! but we did have exchanges and they went so well! I was with Sister Jackson and I learned so much from her :) Sister Wheelock and I are finally beginning to get the ropes on our area without a GPS and We also had Branch conference this week and Stake conference next week which are so so wonderful!!! :) My favorite thing I learned at Branch Conference was a quote by this sweet sister from the Stake Relief Society and she said " I don't memorize the scriptures because I can't memorize the feelings I get from the Spirit as I read" "The spirit is the true teacher" I love how simple and profound this quote is and I can testify that nothing we do as missionaries is because of our own skill, strength, charm or success... It is all because we have a loving Heavenly Father who CHOOSES to bless us with his spirit as a result of obedience and righteous, hard work. I know that Miracles are out there! Please keep Praying for ALL the missionaries all over the world and know that your prayers are answered not by strength to us in the name tags but by the softening of hearts and the preparing of souls to hear the Gospel through God's Messenger, The Holy Ghost! I love you all!!! Have a wonderful rest of your January!!! Keep to those Resolutions 
~Sister Dominique Montoya

This is a Fawn named Blossom :) she is so sweet and very tame and is so willing to let us pet her!

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