Thursday, January 9, 2014

Week 11!

Merry POST Christmas!!!!! This week has been so wonderful! Hard again being on my sprained ankle but i know its making me stronger!!! :) Also, it was soooo wonderful to Facetime and call my family!!! It was so good to hear their voices and see their faces :) That night we also ate lasagna at out Branch Presidents and had Pho at a Less actives house heck yes!!!! it had cow stomach, beef, crab, and shrimp in it it  and also a dessert called Nava that looked like worms but was rice noodles and coconut milk died green. it was so yummy and very authentic haha,,, Also, Justin is doing so well thanks so much for your prayers!!! I appreciate it so much!! Sunday we sang "I believe in Christ" in Sacrament and had a wonderful combined priesthood and RS meeting that covered addiction recovery! BUT the highlight of the week was that we went and saw a less active Sunday and she had said that a woman she went to High school with had posted on Facebook that she had seen us December 2 and wrote about it that night. she wrote 
"Tonight when we got home, there were what appeared to be two young girls walking on our road...our street has 5 houses so we know everyone...keith tells me to get in the house so of course, I dont do that.I walked down the road and asked the ladies if i could help them. They were Mormons. They proceeded to tell me that they had to be out preaching until 9, spreading the word... but my biggest concern was their safety..."its just not safe for two women to be walking the street in the dark alone." They told me about their safety precautions and I still expressed "its just not safe" one of the young women then looked at me and said "God will protect us" 4 words. I shut up. After all, they said exactly what I'd been taught. God will protect! I'm baptist, But tonight those two girls gave me the biggest and most beautiful sermon in 4 simple words. Regardless of the belief, those words are always true. They are welcome in my driveway anytime." 
After we knew what was happened we realized the obvious miracle in it :) But later that night, we found from the other sisters in the district that one of their less actives had seen the post and it gave her hope that her husband would join the church because she saw that people of other faiths were thinking better of the church. 4 simple words could change lives everywhere. THE GOSPEL IS TRUE!!!!
We also had a sleepover with those sisters last night :) so fun!!! :) and i get my boot on Wednesday!!! Hope alls well!! love ya! :) 

~Sister Dominique Sage Montoya

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