Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Week 35!

Hello Everyone! You'll never believe it! Sister Bell was sick this week!! We have literally been in all months!! Its awful! we did have some really great developments though :) I sang in church on Monday and Friday Sister Bell was still sick so we took a sick day at the Hallenbecks and we painted our toes sparkly and Sister Bell got to sleep without me being super bored and then we had a steak dinner that evening with them and a part member family which was really cool :) and Also, Wednesday it was sad because we had to cancel our appointment with Byron but when I called to cancel I had a lesson on the phone with him and He told us that he is going to start coming to at least sacrament every Sunday and trying to stay for all 3 hours every 3rd sunday! I am so excited! and we are having dinner with him and the old bishop and his wife Wednesday!!! ) its going to be great!!! Please pray that he will have a desire to be baptized and also that I don't get sick again!!! Blah....But we really do have a ton  of dinners this week!! We are booked with lunches and dinners all the way until transfers on th 25th!!!  haha... But im sad this next week is Transfers :( ive really gotten to like Sister Bell a lot and we are really good friends! In fact she asked me last night to come teach her Non-member dad the missionary lessons after I get off my mission :) and its been great switching off playing nurse for each other even though we cant go out. But I also got to sing in church a duet with Sister Hallenbeck on Sunday :) We sang a childs prayer :) that seems to be a favorite for me to sing in this ward :) haha not sure why but its ok cuz its a good song :) OH! And Yesterday for Fathers Day Sister Bell and I got to talk to our families :) We only had 15 minutes but I felt very lucky because the only reason we got to call was so sister bell could invite her dad to be baptized and I got to call cuz I am her companion so it would be fair :) it was really great :) But it was a good week!! Love you all!!!!! :)
<3 Sister Dominique Sage Montoya

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