Thursday, June 5, 2014

Week 32!

May 26th, 2014

This week has been great, Monday I was sick though so we didn't do very much and I slept most of the day. But then we got to go to the Bishops house for dinner and talk to him about making a new ward mission plan and doing area improvement for the ward. I am really excited for what's happening here in Newberry!!!! The Tuesday we had Interviews and the no more strangers fireside which our investigator Byron Carr came to and it was really wonderful!! Then Wednesday we went on exchanges and I went to Lexington with Sister Anderson and it was really cool because my old friend from when I was in Cowpens and she was in Gaffney,Sister Brown is now my Sister training Leader in Lexington!! She came here to Newbery though with Sister Bell. It was really wonderful and then Thursday we had the pantry and Friday and Saturday we got to work in Prosperity which I have missed dearly because we have been in Newberry only the last few weeks. And also we met these really funny people Fred and Eleanor! Fred is 92 and his Sister Eleanor is 104!!!!! They are just chilling and living together in this cute little house. they couldn't hear a thing though!!! When we first went in Sister Bell moved this book off the chair she was going to sit in and Eleanor mentioned how wonderful a book that was but that she already had a copy and when sister Bell tried to tell her it WAS her copy she insisted we take it back and give it to someone else who didn't have a copy and then finally when she knew we wouldn't take her book, she said, well ok I guess I will give it to someone else then because I don't need 2 copies! it was so funny... we were cracking up the rest of the day!  Then Sunday we got to got around Pomaria and I actually got to drive because we thought a tornado or hurricane or something was going to come through because how thick the rain was. it was LITERALLY coming down in sheets and sister bell being from vegas didn't know how to drive in the rain and asked me to but I have never seen so much rain. we did a Chinese firedrill and in the 2 seconds being out of the car we were both DRENCHED to the bone. Tomorrow is Sister Bell's Birthday and I have set up an Awesome Surprise party for her tonight at the hallenbecks that she thinks is a family home evening and she cant figure out why there will be 18 people coming instead of the usual 9 haha..... I am so excited!!! She has no clue and I ha the hallenbecks go out and get party decorations and ive been sneak-texting inviting people and telling them its a party for her and getting things set up! I feel so disobedient but its worth it and I knw im not doing anything aweful haha.... but I am so excited and I hope it makes her happy!!!! Im happy for all the people coming :)

-Sister Dominique Montoya

this spider is as big as my hand and has eggs on its back! I almost stepped on it at a less actives house and the son put it in this container.... of all the places I could go I went where there are giant spiders!!!!!!!!

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