Thursday, June 5, 2014

Week 30!

May 12th 2014

Well this week was pretty un eventful, BUT My mission President has announced that he is not comfortable with us not labeling our mail with "sister" and "elder" so please return to sending all mail to me as "Sister Dominique Sage Montoya" But this week we had a wonderful Family home Evening and Wednesday we made some real progress with our investigator Byron!!! He is so awesome and he is going to pray about being baptized this week!!! SO if ya'll could please pray for him that he will receive his answers and want to get baptized, I would really appreciate it. :) Also this week we had a wonderful time eating the red white and blue firecracker popsicles while we did the pantry this week and we have also miraculously got in touch with all of our investigators who fell off the map lately, which is so exciting!!!! We also had such a cool experience on Saturday! So we went to see a Less Active Member at her Apartment Complex and as I was backing Sister Bell out of the Parking stall a man came around the corner in his car and looked at me and yelled "Joseph Smith right?" and I flipped around and bolted over to his car as he parked and started asking him how he knew about our church. and he said that he used to come to his church but never go baptized because he moved and that he wanted to take the lessons again! It was amazing!! :) we passed him a couple times that day after that and every time he waved at us with a big happy grin  because he knew who we were :) it was great! Then this  Sunday was  a wonderful Mothers Day Program for Sacrament and they gave all the mothers beautiful flowers :) and the Church even came out with a awesome mothers day video, if you haven't seen it, you should!!! its at:
and it is a wonderful and very true video for mothers, aunts, grandmas and all sorts of beautiful women who have a huge role in the lives of their children :) then this morning we went and picked Strawberries with Sister Hallenbeck and then we made jam with her :) it was so fun and yummy :) great day and week :)

Love, Sister Dominique Sage Montoya

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