Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 8!

Well, Heeeeellloooooooo UTAH!!!!! ( And other places that could be of any origin on the map of where people reside that I dearly love and adore :))

This week has been great and crazy!!! We have an investigator, Justin that I am not sure if i told you about but he is AWESOME!!!! :) he didnt even know if he believed in God when we started teaching him and now he is giving meaningful prayers and keeping every commitment and coming to church every week! He's great, we are expecting him to get baptised on the 21st! :) we also had a crazy experience when we were knocking wednesday and went up to an investigators house that we have been to quite a few times and this time I had a feeling we shouldnt go and then i ignored it (bad idea) and we went and there was a very angry dog and he was running at us, so naturally we ran away and i repented haha but then we went back saturday and he was there and we didnt know he was the same and he ran at me baring his teeth and so i swung my bag at him and yelled as loud as i could and he ran off... God has my back haha.... well gotta go Thanksgiving was great. We played Ultimate frisbee for turkey bowl and i wore JEANS!!!! YEEEEEAH!!!! :) Oh and I got to help a lady with Calculus homework as service haha :) she said she would never miss chuch if god helped her with her homework and we showed up and i helped her haha.... it was great... CHURCH IS TRUE!!!! :)

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