Monday, December 16, 2013

Week 9!

Hi! This is Jeffrey Rawlins, with a small note that the torch has been passed to me, and so I'll be the one updating the blog and Facebook. If you have any questions or would like to be added to the email list, feel free to email me at! Thanks!

Well this week has been so great!!! We had exchanges and I went with my Sister Training Leader, Sister Jones and she was so awesome!!! we had lots of cool things happen when we were together! We also had a Less active make a baby Cristmas tree with us!!! It was super great :) also, we have been seeing the yangs more and they should be coming to church this coming sunday!!! But Justing was supposed to be baptized this coming saturay but hes not quiteready so we will be moving it back to the 28th hopeully that will work out. PLEASE PRAY FOR JUSTIN BEARDEN to be ready and to feel the truth of the gospel by this sunday!! :) also I learned a cool lesson from the spirit haha... so i had a very strong prompting that we needed to ask a specific male member to come with us to a lesson because i didnt feel it was safe. so he came and we went over and no one was there!!!! I was so confused! So we went straight over to the members house for his lesson because he is recently reactivated. and beause we had extra time we went knocking after and found a wonderful mother and her daughter who had just lost her husband!!!! It was so crazy how the spirit knew what we needed and sent us around just because he knew where it would lead!!! So that was a cool lesson :) also we finally made our goal of 20 lessons this week!!!!! :) it was sooo cool!!! :) Yesterday we also did a fireside for the youth of 2 wards :) it was so fun to put together the whole thing and show it to them even though there was quite a few technical difficulties. AAAAAAAAND i lost my camera..... so I will definitely not have as many pictrues til i cant figure out how to get another one since i am piggy-backing on Sister Boyson's camera haha.... so it was a pretty great week!!!! I'm praying for you guys!!! LOVE YOU!!!! :)

PS: Tuesday is Zone conference and we get to play Basketball and watch Ephraims Rescue!!! So excited!!! :) MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
~Sister Dominique Sage Montoya

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