Monday, December 23, 2013

Week 10!

So This week has been great! We had Zone conference and got to do skits and watch ephraims rescue! Alos, Justin has been struggling with Testimony so please pray for Justin Bearden to be strengthen and feel God in his life :) We also had out Christmas party on friday and sister Boyson and I were asked to sing in the program and on our way down  some steps to go sing I fell and sprained my ankle so sister boyson sang a solo and we were in the emergency room til 12:30 that night haha... so i am now a crutchy haha... its been quite an adventure but at the same time it has been very rewarding. Sister Boyson has been great in helping and encouraging me and i will definitely have rock hard abs, one of my calves and arms at the end of this!!!  :) We also got a Branch Mission Leader FINALLY and so it will make life a lot easier for us :) and also, HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I love you all!!!!

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