Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 7!

Well Heeeeeeelloooooooooo everyone! :)
This week has been great! I had hurt my back this week so we made a emergency trip to CVS pharemacy so that I could get a heating pad and we ran right into an investigator that we had lost contact with!!! it was sooo divine and i was sooooo glad i had hurt my back! haha.... We also had interviews this week which was awesome because President Holm told me that I remind him of his wife and that he knows that I am supposed to be here and that I am a strong missionary!!! :) We also so a less active that no one has been able to catch for like 3 months!!! hes 16 and a great kid, just unsure of himself right now. But he came to church!!!! :) soooo great!! :) I also had my first experience of someone trying to convert ME here.... haha I kinda felt bad though.... he had seeked too far into things he did not understand and it confused him and made it so he was closed off to the spirit. He had watched a temple endowment online and read into church history selectively and it was just a bad situation so unfortuantely we had to drop him, BUT Saturday was sooooo great! We met all of our goals and had 18/20 lessons total for the week!!!! SOOOO GOOD!!! :)I also got to give my first church tour on my mission!! it was so great :) and our investigator Terry is SOOO on fire!! we met her just under 2 weeks ago and she has read the Book of Mormon twice! :) Sunday I got a blessing because I have a sinus infection and it was the best thing ever! Its so amazing how Heavenly Father knows our needs and addresses things no one but God could know about!!! THE PRIESTHOOD IS REAL!!!!!! :) well Happy Thanksgiving ya'll!!!! :) I love ya! :)
~Sister Dominique Montoya

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