Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Week 4!

Well Hello everyone!!

This week has been so great but crazy!!! We had a wonderful halloween and went over to our Branch president's and he fed us some great spaghetti and italian sausage!!! We also got reverse trick or treated and a ward membe brought each of us a great big thing of candy and then we got treated even more when I got a package from my sweet mommy with a treat bag for me and one for my companion as well with all my favorites in it!!!! (She knows me so well!) we also had a great Zone Training Meeting (ZTM) that I felt like a one man show praying, leading the music, and teaching haha.... it was so great though! I also get to sing in sacrament this sunday!! The theme is "Why am I a member?" So i am singing "I know that my redeemer lives" This week was my ONE MONTH MARK!!!! so crazy isnt it??? it feels like I have been out a week!!!!! time goes so fast here when you are anxiously engaged in the Lords cause!!! We have had a lot of great investigators who are on date(4 right now) who we really feel will make it to baptism but you never know... there is so much that could happen!!!! We have had a lot of cancellations this week and so its hard not to get down but at the same time, with how much heavenly father is hastening the work, it is so impossible to get down with how many doors open to us and are ready to hear the message of the gospel!!! I dont know if i told ya'll this story so if i did- too bad I'm gonna tell it again haha....
so a couple weeks ago we were tracting and this man answered the door and he proceeded to talk to us about the city of enoch and say that ,when the "lord came down on a chariot of fire" that those where made for carrying people!! So guess what !!! it was really a space ship!! and when they came down they gave Sampson a Ray GUN!!!! because thats how Sampson could kill all those people... it wasnt a jawbone of an ass like the scriptures say.... noooo it was a RAY GUN!!!!!!
some people are pretty exciting!!! haha... SOOOOO GREAT NEWS!!!!! within the next couple of months we will each be getting our own ipads to use!!!! we will also be getting FB to use and willhave one hour a day where our prosyliting area is extended world wide!!!!!! I am sooooo very excited!!! THE WORK IS HASTENING FORTH!!!!!! I am so very excited and happy here... its the hardest and best thing ive ever done!!!!! THE GOSPEL IS TRUE!!!!!!

~Sister Montoya

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