Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Week 3!

Hey everyone!!!! This week was crazy!!!! there will be a picture of me with the butterfly I mentioned in last weeks letter coming next week! This has been crazy! We have an apostle coming to see us this month! we think it sBednar but we arent supposed to speculate haha... We are working on baptizing a whole family right now!!! They are so awesome and we have the daught megan who is 17 committed already! They are so cool and the Lord has prepared them! We also have an amazing invesitgator named Steven who has been progressing like a mad man but he could use ya'lls prayers because he needs help to quit smoking and finding a place to live because he is being kicked out by hi GF. it was great though because we sent in a prayer request to our whole mission for him this morning and i kid you not, like right as i hit send we got a text from him saying that he was crying when he woke up this morning and that he looked up and said "God Help me! I want to be happy like those sister missionaries!" we are going to really try and see him baptized this week because we know that this is how he can be happy... through the true and restored gospel!
We also got to do a trunk or treat this week and it was so fun! we got to be the judges for the costume contest and they had the best church haunted hallway that i have ever seen!!! it was soooo fun!!!! I have also been asked to sing in church this month! so i am so excited for that and I am also excited because my companion and I as well as another set of sisters will be singing at this large gathereing the day before thanksgiving with a whole bunch of different churches!!! I am so excited! Well, send letters everyone! The church is true and I know this is Gods work!!! I love ya'll!!!
Also here is an awesome poem i came across here
What is your Adversity Reaction?
Getting Bitter? or Getting Better?
Its the difference of one letter!
If you're bitter, notice why,
its that selfish little "I"
-Peter Czerny
~Sister Dominique Sage Montoya

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