Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 5!

Hey Ya'll!!!!!!!

It has been such a great week!!! we had exchanges where I got to work with Sister McNeece for 24 hours! She is one of my Sister Training Leaders and is so wonderful!!! I learned so much from her!! We also had a swap-n-shop and so I finally got a proselyting bag so that I am not carrying my huge bag when i go knocking! It kind of smells like old lady but it works and i love it!!! :) Saturday we also had a mini-misison with some of the youth in the area and had a 16 year old come with us ( lots of exchanges this week!!!) It went so well and she even helped clarify a topic with an investigator that we couldnt quite explain things to him and she did it in 4 words!!!! :) There was also a triple baptism Saturday! no one that I am teaching but it was for 2 investigators in the Elders Area and an 8 year old baptism! A lot of funny stuff happened this week as well!!! First, there is this one lady we are teaching, Candi and her son was just super flirty with me, winking and eyebrowing me and stuff and he knew i liked their kitten and so he would try and get my attention with the cat and when we came back for a return appointment, he went to get the cat out and held it up and it was dead!!!! it was the most awkward thing ever.... Sister boyson told me after that he must have been really upset to lose his charming device.... ha... funny but terrible!!! Also, while tracting on Friday, we walking to this house and there was a wolf looking dog in the drive way. a man in the garage came out and started motioning for us to go away waving his arm straight over his head toward us... so we started walking away and he held his pointer finger up in the air like "wait one minute" so we turned around and started walking back toward him then again he proceeded to wave us away!!! all while on the phone and not saying one word! So we just stopped right in our tracks and looked at each other, very confused and waited and then he proceeded to very intensely and dramatically point at the ground. so we, thinking he meant come there, started walking again and finally he said very loudly to the person on the phone, "HANG ON! I HAVE 2 JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES ON MY PROPERTY!!!" so i found it best to correct him and called over to him "WE'RE NOT JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES!" and he looked over at us and said "THE DOG WILL BITE YOU! I'M ON THE PHONE!" and walked away... it was the weirdest, funniest thing ever haha... also this week we found out that all the churches are now getting rid of all hard copies of texts in churches so that people can use ipads and tablets and cost the church less money to make books! crazy right??? also this week one of the members told us a funny story about in the firehouse how the hazed a new member named chunk by getting a bag of saline and dripping it over his face in the night and when he told them that there was something dripping over him they said it was where the bathroom was above him and he proceeded to smack his lips and say "sure doesnt taste like sewage!" haha....
Also this week was so wonderful that i got to sing in sacrament that was the most amazing experience, i cried the whole time and wasnt even really singin adn i thought it went horribley.... but everyone in the whole congregation cried with me as i sang.... and one family even came and tld me that was their mom/grandmas favorite song and they could feel her in the congregation that day... one of the investigators baptized saturday even cried and held me so close in her arms adn told me i did great and did that 2 more times during church. The Bishop annonced at the pulpit as well that he knew i wasnt happy with how it went but that it was the most powerful testimony and the RS president thanked me in RS as well.... it was the most amazing thing that heavenyl father used me to touch those people and not by how well i sang because i didnt really sing at all... but becasue HE brought the spirit to those poeple adn to me. I had prayed in sacrament that i would sound good... and then, changed my mind and asked him to let the congregation feel the spirit and to not let me forget the words... both of those things happened... God andswered my prayer, maybe not how i was expecting but how everyone in the congregation needed.... as we drove home from church i looked out the window and felt the distinct words in my mind "well done my good and faithful servant!"


~Sister Montoya

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