Monday, October 21, 2013

Week 2!

Well my first area is Cowpens SC!!! right up by the border of SC-NC! Its so rural and farmy here!!! haha.... goats, llamas, cows, horses eveyrwhere!!! but i love it! :) the people are great and i love being a missionary! oh and our first day here, Pres Holm had us go to this grove and we had our own sacred grove experience! As we exited the grove there was the temple and they let us in without even without reccommends because of our nametags!!! Im beginning to realize how important mission work really is! As we left the temple i found a butterfly as well and picked it up and carried it to the bush!!! i tried putting it down but it flew back on me haha.... so great! all the elders were watching me and apparently i am a look a like for this Sister Chi from Hawaii who just left!! its been really weird... haha we tracted on day 3 and had no luck but it was really amazing because my tracting companion became my actually companion and trainer, Sister Boyson!!! It has been so wonderful!!! she is super fun, we are both short but she has light brown hair and blue eyes.... we both love to sing and are both pretty outgoing but amazingly enough we have been getting along really well!!! WE have 2 progressing investigators (Steven and Christy) and Christy is on date to be baptized! it has been so cool though! My first day i invited people to be baptised and have invited 2 more since then (one was Christy!!!!) :) My District leader is actually having me speak on boldness and how to ask people to be baptized this thursday :p SO funny.... he assked me my second day in the field!!! But I am loving it! Please keep me in your prayers as I do for all of you :) I love you all and am misssing everyone like crazy but i know the time will go by fast!! Also, send all letters and packages to the mission home address but ALL PACKAGES MUST BE PRIORITY or i wont get them for weeks!!
I love you all!!!!!! -Sister Montoya
this is a video of my 2nd day in SC!!!!

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