Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Week 21!

So this week has been crazy!!! Monday was FREEZING!!!! and it rained like 4 days in a row and was sooooooo cold and then we got dropped by a bunch of people :P darn.... i fear we wont make our goal of even 1 baptism this month....BUT the Lord works miracles!!!! So i have faith he will pull through!!! We did have an awesome Relief Society activity for the Birthday of the Relief Society adn we had a funny experience that some people were arguing with us telling us that The Book of Mormon  IS the Bible except it says Noah and The Flood happened 5000 years later than it says in the bible and it happened in Utah....... hahaha riiiiiiiiiiight..... anyways but that was great. But i would appreciate your prayers everyone.... i have been feeling really ill lately and have been struggling to work because of the migraines, dizziness and tiredness and i really want to work my hardest so please pray i will get better.... Also this summer is supposed to be the hottest South Carolina has ever seen!!!! AAAAAAAAAAh any ideas anyone??????? And we are getting a senior couple in our area :) YAY!!!!! :) Love ya!!!!!

~Sister Dominique Montoya

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