Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Week 20!

Well this week has been good We got in contact with CJ a less active and his mom Melody. Justin has Been MIA since he got a Girlfriend but we have a plan of action to get him back focused on the gospel!!! :) I got  an awesome Valentines Package from my grandparents this week! with yummy apples and treats and some more undershirts (YAY!) We also got to be judges for the Cowpens/Gaffnety Chili and Corn bread contest! that was so fun but after some of that chili i swear my tounge was about to fall off it was so hot!!!! Sunday was great we had a wonderful testimony meeting and then had Hawaiian haystacks at the Blantons :) It was a great week!!! :) Hope all of you are doing well. Happy March!!!! I am officaially 5 months on my mission!!!! :) woot!

-Sister Montoya

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