Thursday, February 6, 2014

Week 16!


Well Hello everyone!!! This week has been really great and quite amuzing. it snowed and was REALLY cold but the snow was nothing more that flurries.... it barely stuck to the ground and the cancelled school for 3 DAYS because of it!!! ha.... that would NEVER happen in utah... There, there can be 5 feet of snow and as long as the roads are open they expect you to show up ON TIME haha... It was scary though because people here dont know how to drive in the snow and DEFINITELY not on ice. so that was probably the worst part. This week we had interviews and it was great. I recently read in our Orientation Handbook that we should "Lock our hearts" and send the key home!! well I found that I had a necklace that is shaped like an old fashion key and says "heart" on the key with a little attachment that has a letter on it with "i love you" on the letter. ha... so i decided as an outward expression of my inward commitment I would give my mission president my key and get it back at the end of my mission... well of course he didnt take it but he sure thought it was cute and traced the key onto a form haha... I now still have the key to my heart that I wont be handing out anytime soon!! :) We also got to adventure deep into the Elders area this week and got stuck on a road with HUGE divets in it haha... it was so fun! I love mission adventures but we will never go on that road again!!! We also go to make cute little signs for doors with a 4 year old and 9 year old and their mom that we are teaching that say "Did you think to read" on the front and they flip it over and it says "YES"! on the back :) we spent the lesson coloring them and talking about the scriptures :) I also had the opportunity to tell a Very Racist man that we met whil tracting that We are all children of God and that God loves all of us equally... we HAD scheduled and appointment with him and he promtly cancelled it and told us that N***** lovers where not welcome at his house.... we left and I have just been praying for them.... It makes me so sad that people are still stuck in that state of mind.... its really not okay.... But I hope all of you enjoyed the Super bowl!!!! My companion is from Washington and was thrilled over the Sea Hawks dominating victory!!!!! :) WELL I love you all!!!
Happy February and know that you are in my prayers!!! :)

~Sister Dominique Sage Montoya

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