Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Week 38!

July 7th 2014

Well this week was pretty good :) we had a lot of crazy experiences!!!! like we went to a less actives home and she answered the door in full garments and nothing else on!!! and she proceeded to invite us in and basically make us stay there with her in her very torn, very old garments..... oh it was a sight to behold!!!! but so funny oh my goodness!!!! I'm pretty sure we were scarred for life!!! then Thursday we had a mission tour for the new mission president, Judd Turner! he and his wife are so sweet i am so excited to get to know them better and i get to sit down with President Turner tomorrow for interviews :) Michelle is doing great and we are going to teach her the lessons over again! OH!!!! and we had a letter sent out from the 1st presidency that lesson 5- Laws and ordinances is now required for Baptism!!!!! and that missionaries are to continue teaching and having stewardship over Recent Converts for 1 year after baptism!!!! crazy  change but it will be good i think :) it will actually ensure that Recent Converts actually get the new member lessons and that they will ALSO get home taught . not one or the other. :) and i think including L5 in Baptismal requirements will reduce the amount of people who get baptized into less activity. but it was so great! Kaitlyn Archey and Byron were both at church today!!! it was great :) and Friday for the 4th we had dinner at the Hallenbecks and then got to go to bed early for lock down and we taped glow sticks to our ceiling fan as our own makeshift fireworks haha  it was pretty great! :) then yesterday we had a great day and we finally got our new maps of the area!!!! and then as we were knocking this apartment complex I noticed a young woman sitting on the side of the road with her baby so we stopped but she only spoke Spanish and the elders weren't answering to translate so we called sister Torres and her mom was able to counsel her and we let her use our phone to call her husband :) we were so happy that she was able to work things out and we gave her a book of mormon and a card so that she could have the gospel too :) but it was a great week!!! and i am excited for this week as well! :) love ya'll!!!! :) have a great week!

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