Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Week 27!

April 21st, 2014

Well this week was wonderful!!!! We had a great Family Home evening because we had barbecue and had a great lesson on temples and the Tuesday because of the church's Easter initiative we showed this one lady and she showed a group of 100 people which had 22 different churches!!! it was so cool!!! then Wednesday I went and got my teeth cleaned and guess what!!!! they did it for free because I am a missionary! then Thursday we had an awesome specialized training which I did a skit for :) and then we got to go to the temple with our RC going through the temple :) Then we grromed a less actives dogs (boy was that a chore!) but it was fun and I was glad to help :) then we went to a 8 year old baptism on Saturday and helped all the kids with an easter egg egg hunt by hiding the eggs :) the SUNDAY WAS EASTER!!!! and it was so cool because there was 3 days of rain and gloom then on easter there was sun!!!! :) it was just like the first easter :) and we had dinner at the bishops and it was funny because we  got our ward mission leaders dog stuck in the bishops tree house and I had to call one of our elders, Elder Marberger over to pick her up and shimmy them both down the latter getting mud all over himself it was intense!! then I got to hold a silver Boa Constricter and a red tipped python at a less actives house :) and I opened my moms wonderful package that she sent me for easter!!! it was so good!!! :) and today we are doing body talk with Sister Hallenbeck!! an awesome healing method :) 

~Sister Montoya

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